Only 10 days left until the World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy!

To continue our Countdown to WUCC, we proudly present more of our Riot Stories – quick bios written by the players on Riot. We hope you enjoy.

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Name: Rachel Bradshaw
Jersey Number: #8
Position: Cutter
Years Playing on Riot: 3
Hometown: Belleville, WI
Occupation: Graduate Student

Tell us about one of your first experiences with Ultimate

I was first introduced to Ultimate in college. Before that, I was unaware that it existed as a competitive sport. A few of my friends played Ultimate in high school and they joined the college team. These friends later convinced me to try Ultimate. Even though I had never played before, the team was incredibly welcoming. Having played team sports since kindergarten, it was great to join a team again. Having a group of awesome, supportive women is one reason I love playing Ultimate.

Why did you decide to tryout for Riot?

After college, I was lucky enough to continue playing Ultimate at the collegiate level while I was in graduate school. It was my first opportunity to play really competitive women’s Ultimate. I decided that after I was out of eligibility I wanted to continue to play at the highest level possible. For me, that meant trying to make Riot. I have always been a competitive person and I love having an athletic outlet for that side of me.

What do you do off-the-field for Riot?

This season, I am on the leadership committee. As a part of leadership, I help plan the structure of the season, establish team goals, plan practices, take care of any necessary logistics, and many other things. This year I have been the primary organizer for all of our worlds’ logistics. I also put my love of cooking to good use by helping coordinate meals at tournaments.

How does Riot impact the Ultimate community?

Riot contributes greatly to the Ultimate community, whether through coaching, running clinics, advocating for women’s Ultimate, or volunteering in the community. Personally, I coach a middle school girl’s team. When coaching, I not only try to teach the girls about Ultimate, but I also try to build their confidence through sports. I have also coached at the Riot clinic, the Riot elementary league, and the Without Limits Ultimate program.

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