This week’s track workout was a brutal one. Without going into too many details, it’s named Black Death and you have to fight yourself as well as the clock. Last year when I did this workout I wanted to quit ultimate. Overdramatic for sure, but those were my thoughts then…

My teammates always have an amazing selfless way of sharing moments with me. There are countless of them:

All these and so many more have other details and contributing factors, but they’re all moments with my teammates that helped me get through being in “a place.”

Today I was in a little bit of “a place.” I was running track with Fiona and she was kicking my fanny. We finished. After we were done I felt comfortable sharing something about myself. She selflessly and openly listened. The moment lasted maybe 2 minutes, but it’s one that will stay with me and come to my mind a lot and make me smile.


For me, and probably others, it’s the small moments that make up a season. Not games or tournaments, but occurrences between myself and my teammates, on the field and off. I’m so thankful for them, past and future.