1. How do you foster competitiveness/intensity/sense of consequence in practice during scrimmages and drills? (Brian)

Callie Mah: There are a few ways to do this but excessive cheering, physical defense, and friendly mind games to get into people’s head and under their skin seem to do the trick. Avoid personal attacks. You’re trying to make for a good practice, not break out into a brawl. Just be sure to remember that you ARE friends. When the practice is over, make sure that everybody returns to reality. There’s no need to hold grudges when people are trying to create a competitive environment to improve in.

2. It seems like everyone on Riot coaches and Riot gear is everywhere throughout the Seattle area. What do you believe were the key actions that led to your culture of outreach and giving back and your overall brand awareness (Anonymous)

Rohre Titcomb: I remember being coached by Miranda and Vida way back in the day, and the early club scene culture of giving back via coaching has built up an incredible culture of giving back in the Seattle area and especially on Riot.

Gwen Ambler: Don’t forget Jill was coached by Kati too, as a middle schooler no less! Also, we have a sweet logo that we’ve been able to maintain in its original form since the team’s inception in 2000, which really helps for “brand awareness.”

Alyssa Weatherford: A bunch of us were coached by riot players in high school and college, to have strong female role models as a young adult inspired me to want to coach. Now as a coach, I try to get as many young people in coaching and leadership roles as possible.

3.Who is the best looking man in Ultimate? (Anonymous)

Shira Stern: Coach Andy

Nora Carr: Devin Barich, but Andy is a close 2nd.

4. How long have most of the women on Riot been playing ultimate and at what level of competition? (Anonymous)

Rachel Bradshaw: Definitely varies. I’ve been playing for eight years. Started with regional level college and mixed club, moved onto nationals level college, then Riot (my last 3 years).

5. To all Riot players – what is your favorite ultimate highlight? (Anonymous)

Shannon O’Malley: Jimmy Chu vs Ron (scobel has a photo) or Photos of Alex Nord layout D’ing the heck out of someone in college, Cut vs Brown game. Also Miranda Roth huge layout catch, then rolls over Gwen in a Riot vs Fury game. Miranda vs Alex Snyder in college (UW vs Kali), Snyder footblocks Miranda but Mir lays out and catches it to regain posession. So Sick!! – O’Malley (old school highlights)

Alyssa Weatherford: Chelsea (Dengler) Putnam and Kati Halmos were also highlight reels at every moment of their play. Geli’s layout D at worlds.

Calise Cardenas: Mir’s layout then roll over Gwen is one of my favorites, too! Anything Luke has shot is also my favorite.

6. What are some cool things that I can/should add to my team’s site? (billy5555100)

Calise Cardenas: Player bios are a must but are definitely hard to keep current. When I’m looking at another team’s website, I usually go to their media page first and their most recent posts. If you have gear, get a page up for that too. Whatever you do, keep it updated!

7. You all have such silky throws with excellent touch. Is there a throwing regiment/workout that you all use or is it an individual preference thing? Any recommendations? (Beaver)

Rohre Titcomb: People on the team view throwing as a social activity we can do to hang out outside of practice. We’ve also built the expectation that throwing is something people should work on outside of practice so we don’t have to use in-practice time, so it puts the onus on individuals.

Charlie Eide: When it’s windy or rainy outside, tell yourself, hell to the yeah I’m going to get a leg up on my opponent right now and find a buddy and go throw in those conditions. Don’t have a buddy? Go frolf with a floater.

Alyssa Weatherford: I try to throw as much as possible, sometimes with a routine and sometimes just to play. I play with angles, wrist vs. arm, pivots, fakes, different heights, make silly faces…I look at how other people throw certain throws and try out different styles. I also play games like flutterguts, goalty, and mini a lot so I get lots of reps in a low stress situation where I can test out different things.

Calise Cardenas: Check out Lou Burruss’ Kung Fu Throwing routine and Ben Wiggins’ Zen Throwing routine. I love them both dearly and they both offer very different ways in which to improve your throwing.

8. Living in a city with very few women players. What are some best practices for fostering more women players? As a bro, who would like to see whole ulti-community grow, should males facilitate growth for women or is it not really a bro’s place? (bro in satx)

Molly McKeon: Anyone can support women getting into ultimate. I think you could start small by getting a few girls hooked on the game and encourage them to teach others as well. As they fall more and more in love with the sport, it will spread to others and hopefully more of a following will come. Be supportive and encouraging.