Riot followers!  We have not forgotten you!  We love you very much!  Internet is spotty in Italy, which has challenged our plans to provide more thorough updates in blog form.  However, we have compiled a set of links for you convenience to be able to follow along with us at home.  These are the best places to get information about your Seattle Riots at WUCC 2014!

Tournament Website


Day 1 Recap

Day 2 Recap

Day 3 Recap

Luke John on Vimeo

Produced by Luke Johnson of Fulcrum Media.

This content is AWESOME.  If you’re interested in content that is password protected, please contact the captains at for the password.


Follow SeattleRiot on Twitter! – Riot specific.  Most updated!

Follow WomenInUltimate on Twitter! – Karen (of WIU) paid for herself to come to Italy to cover the women’s division.

Follow Fulcrum Media on Twitter! – Luke John is adding links of his media content as it becomes available.


Tino Tran Photography – Riot Sponsor!  We love him and the WONDERFUL work that he does!

Ultiphotos – Tournament Photography

General Ultimate News Sources


Skyd Magazine