Only 15 days left until the World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy!

To continue our Countdown to WUCC, we proudly present the first of our Riot Stories – quick bios written by the players on Riot. We hope you enjoy.

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Name: Molly McKeon
Jersey Number: #21
Position: Cutter
Years Playing on Riot: 2
Hometown: Seattle
Occupation: Roastmaster for Caffe Appassionato

Tell us about one of your first experiences with Ultimate

In college in Olympia, WA. My friend Paul and I were throwing together and the Ultimate club saw that I could throw. So I ran around with a bunch of guys for a year before I started playing in leagues, tournaments, traveling teams, etc.

Why did you decide to tryout for Riot?

I wanted to be a part of something great and better myself. My closest friends moved away or retired from Ultimate, so I also needed a change. I was nervous but felt like I had nothing to lose. The people are incredible and kind; they love you for who you are. Everyone pushed each other to get better and build challenges during the tryouts. The whole experience rekindled the reasons for why I play Ultimate: awesome people and the thrill of getting better.

What do you do off-the-field for Riot?

I am a part of the workout crew that organizes and leads workouts for the team. Anytime there’s a need for coaching volunteers or specialty clinics I try and sign up because I love coaching. I’m one of many on social media posting about various things Riot is doing. I also love to help out wherever I can whether its housing the gear or helping with different fundraisers.

How does Riot impact the Ultimate community?

Almost everyone on Riot coaches a season each year. Some more than one but overall people want to give back to the community and one of the best ways is helping teams get better. Riot also will hold clinics throughout the year at Microsoft or help out with RISE UP. Every year Riot also puts on a women’s clinic for women of all ages, experiences and skill levels. We try to donate our time as well if people want to use us for raffle or auction prizes