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Name: Gwen Ambler
Jersey Number: #3
Position: Handler
Years Playing on Riot: 6
Hometown: Littleton, Colorado
Occupation: Global health research coordinator

Tell us about one of your first experiences with Ultimate

I started playing Ultimate as a college freshman. After playing a few IM Ultimate games, a friend convinced me to go with her to an Ultimate practice for the women’s club team. I was hooked. I loved every bit of it – from running sprints at the end of practice, to learning new skills with the disc, to implementing team strategies, to hearing stories of the team’s past, to being welcomed into a community full of strong, smart, fun women.

Why did you decide to tryout for Riot?

The players on Riot were the biggest factor in my decision to try-out for Riot. Before trying-out, I had competed against Riot for many years while on their rival team, Fury, so I knew a lot of the Riot players really well. I had always been impressed with the work ethic and professionalism of Riot and once I moved and full settled-in to Seattle, I was eager to compete at the highest levels with a group of women that was also so fun-loving.

What do you do off-the-field for Riot?

This is my fifth season as one of Riot’s co-captains. As a team that is player-run, the role of captain is critical to the team’s success and I take the responsibility very seriously. Whether designing practices, organizing our try-out process, firing the team up in the huddle, setting our season schedule, analyzing player statistics, or developing team strategies, I treat this team like a second job.

How does Riot impact the Ultimate community?

Riot is unparalleled in the number of its players that coach at the youth level or organize playing and learning opportunities for women and girls. I also serve as the Vice President of USA Ultimate and have seen firsthand how the national governing body of the sport holds Riot up as a model for other teams across the country to follow.  In fact, Riot’s impact on developing players has spread internationally as the team hosts clinics and participates in cross-cultural exchanges, helping strengthen many growing Ultimate communities abroad.

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