Photo by Tino Tran

Photo by Tino Tran


‘Twas the night before tryouts and all through my room,

My clothes strewn about, feelings of impending doom.

My best pair of spandex just cannot be found,

I checked and rechecked that huge laundry mound.


My teammates were nestled all snug in their beds,

While I lay awake thinking of break throws and bids.

And Gwen in her nightgown and Lys in a onesie,

And Rohre with Ruhki, snuggled up warm and cozy.


When on my side table there arose such a racket!

I screamed, dropped my phone, I hope I don’t crack it.

Away to the bathroom, I had to pee bad,

I threw up the lid, stubbed my toe, it looked sad.


My carpool will be here at half past the hour,

To Monroe we will go in a car with horse power.

We arrive at the fields after hours of driving,

J/K not that far, but seriously where are we?


I strap my cleats on, find a partner to throw,

Hear Calise in the distance, her laughter I know.

Grab a quick sip of water, check the time, its 5 ’til:

See all the teams’ captains standing high on the hill.


“Now Riot! Now UG! Now Seismic and all!

Welcome one and-Ruhki no, you put down that ball!

2v2, break mark, continue cut and zone.

We will learn, we will grow, we will watch everyone.”


And so we set to it, defensive footwork in pairs.

I got hit in the face with a braid full of hairs.

And next dump and swing: its essential to do.

But sucks when you’re hand-blocked and lay-out D’d too.


Up next Serpentines, cut cone to cone and be quick.

Followed up by a scrimmage, playing D, don’t get picked.

Zone D: Who plays cup? Deep D and wings too?

Pull goes up, start to sprint, oh how that line flew.


And now for a drill that is morbid and hard:

Triangle of death will make you feel like a lard.

Its lunch time! Thank god, time to eat and hydrate!

Some crows ate my sandwich. This makes me irate.


And now 2v2, so much fun and so fast.

One turn over too many and you’ll stay on the field last.

You’re either throwing or cutting don’t stop or slow down.

Flick, backhand, and push pass-use any throw upside-down.


You’re noticing people, you don’t know where you stand,

People running so fast you feel like you’re on sand.

But keep your chin up, and play good defense too.

Put a smile on your face, people notice that too.


And now one more scrimmage, time to show what you got.

And don’t worry about Jaclyn, she skies us a lot.

Your decisions: make them good. Play well and play smart.

That beautiful huck! Its flight was like art.


All the captains took notes, they missed not a beat.

Now take those cleats off, rest your tired sore feet.

Time to stretch, time for yoga, its important to do.

Circle up, listen good, someone’s speaking to you.


“Thank you all for coming! This was such a great day.

So much fun, so much play, and in April not May.

The season has started! Let’s go and lets ball,

Women’s Ultimate rules! Women’s Ultimate for all!”

Molly McKeon | Riot #21