What were your highlights from the weekend?  Responses are all over the board.



Seeing my teammates ball out while wearing seriously silly costumes. Elle in a one-piece velour suit, Geli in an insane-asylum gown, Dom wearing a wig for the ENTIRE tournament.  – Qxhna Titcomb

Bailey’s every-hour-on-the-hour costume changes. – Sarah “Surge” Griffith


My highlight from the weekend was having two people pick snugglers/cuddlers as their professions for the Bachelor theme. – Nora Carr

Elle’s one piece black and yellow outfit.  Alyssa’s scaley face and snake alter ego. – Shannon O’Malley


Being Wonder Woman was fun. – Shira Stern

The Sorting Hat

The Sorting!!!!! – Shannon O’Malley

The Sorting Hat ceremony (#ridethepuff), – Lauren “Saddles” Sadler

This will probably be mentioned by others, but Andy’s impression of the sorting hat and the entire sorting ceremony was accurate and hilarious. So my second highlight is being sorted into GRYFFINDOR!!!! – Jaclyn Verzuh

The Sorting Hat drama. Luckily, Gryffindor picked up a good one in Jaclyn. However, we were net zero on the day as the sorting hat did something unprecedented and RE-sorted Calise to Slytherin. I’m not sure if anyone was really unsurprised there. – Jill Goodreau

Spirit, Team, and Shenanigans


My highlight from Solstice was actually spending time at the fields with SO many women in the division who are at this tournament! High competition, LOTS of women, high energy and LOTS of fun:) Yay female athletes! Yay northwest! Yay Ultimate! 🙂 – Charlie “Cheide” Eide

Celebrating our coach’s first Father’s Day. – Kelly “Vegas” Johnson

Seeing the positive response on our social media channels to periscoping our spirit circles and huddles. Those moments are intimate views into what it’s like to play for (or against) Riot, and I love that O’Malley had the idea to share those snippets with our fans. It’s special to share how express we our sportsmanship with the world.  – Rohre Titcomb

Being with the team again! I was out of town for the past two weeks so showing up Saturday morning to smiling faces with crazy outfits was just the best. – Jill Goodreau
The Beyonce dancing. – Dominique Fontenette and Kate “KK” Kingery
Periscope + Twitter + stat keeping + sideline talking all at once!!! – Shannon O’Malley
The Bachelor competition was pretty hilarious.  It was a great way to celebrate our weirdness and invite other teams into our peculiar world.  – Charlie “Dengue” Mercer
IMG_4603 IMG_4602

Car Trip

Jamming to top 50 hits from other countries on the drive down.  My whole car needing allergy meds otherwise puffy eye central. – Shannon O’Malley


Competition and Plays

We got to play 7v7 ultimate frisbee.  Showing heart, determination, and discipline in the finals. Knowing it’s only June and we can/will get so much better. Charlie’s pulls. – Lauren “Saddles” Sadler

When Jaclyn’s one piece strap broke after after a sick layout attempt. – Shannon O’Malley

Rachel’s sick layout D. – Kate “KK” Kingery

The way Rohre and Diddy looked like they’ve been playing together for years as a handler set. – Molly McKeon

Watching Callie grow into her new leadership position coaching alongside Andy. She had astute observations and great sideline talk for players protecting the deep space.  – Charlie “Dengue” Mercer


It was my first grass tournament back after my shoulder surgery. I didn’t layout, but it was great to be back. – Kelly “Vegas” Johnson

Our comeback against fury. Although we did not get the win, we never gave up. – Jill Goodreau

My personal highlight was playing against Fury. I’ve watched Riot play Fury for years on live streams, and to get out on the field and be a part of that battle was amazing. The second half of that game especially was gritty and fiery and I’m proud to have been a part of it. – Jaclyn Verzuh