Spreading the love of ultimate, Riot helped run a women’s clinic for the Microsoft Ultimate Hat League (MSUHL) on the Tuesday evening of May 21, 2013.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the MSUHL and the past few years the league has run a small women’s clinic before the season begins to help newer players gain skills and get a feel for the sport.  This was the first time Riot players helped out and it was a great experience all around.

Having three experienced women’s players, Gwen Ambler, Kate “KK” Kingery and Lillian Bailey, teaching the clinic helped with recruitment and around 20 women showed up for an evening of play – even despite some wet conditions. The group ran through a series of throwing, catching and cutting drills in addition to playing some 4 v 4 and other disc games to get touches.  At the end, the group scrimmaged and players were able to put all the skills together.

The attendees ranged from brand new beginners to women that had already played a number of seasons of league, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and get something out of it.  One player, Karen Wong-Duncan raved afterwards to the MSUHL organizers, “It was tons of fun and so wonderful to have the Riot ladies there.  They have such a positive spirit, are so encouraging and always have so much to teach.”  She is already looking forward to this summer’s Riot Women’s Clinic for another opportunity for improvement.

At the end of the clinic, two new players whose coach-ability and effort stood out received prizes.  Gwen marveled that, “Seeing women take the risk of learning a new sport is inspiring and I was so impressed by the fearless attitude of everyone there; people were willing to make mistakes to get better.”

Hooray for more women playing ultimate!  Special thanks to the MSUHL organizers for setting up such a fun evening of play.

Here are some great photos of the event!